Breaking the Cycle: The Reusable Pad


Period poverty is not just an issue; it’s a crisis affecting women and girls across the globe. In South Africa alone, thousands of young girls miss valuable school days every month. But what if there was a way to reclaim these lost days and restore dignity? Enter Doorway to Dignity’s Reusable Pad Project.

The Period Poverty Crisis

Almost one-third of South African schoolgirls are forced to skip up to four consecutive school days each month. Homeless women face an even graver challenge, struggling with everything from infections to a lack of basic sanitary supplies.

A Sustainable Solution

Doorway to Dignity isn’t just addressing the issue; we’re changing the game. Our project offers an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and lasting solution to this pervasive problem. Our kits contain reusable pads designed to last for 3-5 years, along with a small washing bucket and other necessities.

Making an Impact

Here’s the kicker: we’ve already distributed over 200 menstrual care kits! From primary schools in Westbury to shelters in Hillbrow, these kits are making a difference.

  • 92 kits to grade 7s at two primary schools in Westbury
  • 30 to Cotlands in Johannesburg
  • 50 to a place of safety run by STOP (Stop Trafficking of People) in the Western Cape
  • 50 to a shelter in Hillbrow


Doorway to Dignity’s Reusable Pad Project is more than a charity effort; it’s a lifeline for those in need. Together, we can continue to break the cycle of period poverty, one reusable pad at a time.

Want to join us in making a difference? Become a Hero today and be part of this groundbreaking initiative!



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