Empowering the Homeless, One Cleanup at a Time


Hey, community champions! 🌟 Do you know what feels good? Giving back! But what feels even better? Empowering others to give back too! That’s exactly what happened during the A Re Sebetseng clean-up initiative. We had the joy of collaborating with Ward 104 Councillor Mike Wood and our unhoused neighbors in sprucing up the area around the Home Affairs complex on Malibongwe Drive.

The Cleanup Brigade

Councillor Wood had a vision: take the monthly A Re Sebetseng clean-up day and level it up by including everyone from the community. So what did we do? We brought on four amazing gentlemen who are part of our Doorway to Dignity community. Yep, they’re currently homeless but, man, did they hustle!

It’s All About Empowerment

Doorway to Dignity isn’t just about handouts; it’s about lifting people up, giving them jobs, and empowering them to change their lives. “I want to work with Doorway to Dignity on this and other initiatives on an ongoing basis,” said Councillor Wood, and we’re all for it! 🙌

A Community Uniting

Trevor Webster from Doorway to Dignity said, “The magic of an initiative like this is how it brings together people from different worlds.” Imagine a team where a government employee picks up a trash bag alongside someone who sleeps on the street. That’s the stuff of community dreams, folks.

By the Numbers

Together, we collected over 30 bags of trash and beautified the foliage in the area, making our city just a little bit brighter and cleaner. 🌱

Get Involved!

Fancy joining the next A Re Sebetseng clean-up? It’s every third Saturday of the month, and everyone is welcome!

For details, hit up Mike Wood at 082 853 2174.

Closing Thoughts

Here’s a thought: The next time you think about community, think about how you can extend that definition to include everyone. Because at Doorway to Dignity, we believe everyone has something valuable to contribute. ✨

So go ahead, be a community champ today! 🌟



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