The Store That Popped Up with a Purpose


What does the first day of spring, a chapel ground in Ferndale, and a whole lotta style have in common? The answer is Doorway to Dignity’s revolutionary free pop-up store for displaced individuals, hosted in association with One Small Act of Kindness and The Street Store.

Retail Therapy for All

Let’s face it: retail therapy is usually for the ‘haves.’ But what about the ‘have-nots’? Doorway to Dignity broke down that barrier by bringing in the world’s 801st Street Store to Randburg. The store didn’t just offer clothes; it offered a hefty dose of confidence and, well, dignity.

Dignity By Invitation

To ensure that the experience was as respectful as possible, the displaced individuals received special invitations to the store. Trevor Webster, the CEO of Doorway to Dignity, went above and beyond to make the day feel not just charitable but dignified.

A Feast for the Soul…and the Tummy!

While fashion was the star of the day, One Small Act of Kindness ensured that no one left on an empty stomach. Kelly-Ann van der Meer highlighted how pivotal a well-fed body can be for a well-dressed spirit.

A Wide Range to Choose From

From snazzy shoes to delightful dresses and awesome accessories, the pop-up store had it all. People got to choose from a wide range of men’s, ladies, and children’s clothes, along with toiletries. It was more than a free store; it was a haven of hope.


Witnessing the Ferndale Bible Chapel grounds fill with smiles was priceless. Retail therapy had never felt so impactful. Doorway to Dignity and its partners turned a simple day of shopping into a transformative event, proving that fashion is indeed a force for good.

Inspired to be a part of our next empowering initiative? Become a Hero today and help us spread dignity, one pop-up at a time!



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