The Trolley Project’s Impact on Waste Traders


If you’ve ever wondered how small changes can make big impacts, look no further than Doorway to Dignity’s Trolley Project. Launched in partnership with Liberty Compassion, this initiative aims to provide the unsung heroes of waste management—informal waste traders—with a tool that’s both efficient and safe.

The Trolley Transformation

In late 2018, Doorway to Dignity got its wheels in motion, distributing galvanized steel trolleys with a carrying capacity of 300 kg. Oh, and they’re not just your run-of-the-mill trolleys. These bad boys are tricked out with reflective tape for maximum visibility and accompanied by a snazzy reflective Conti suit.

Building Community Bonds

But the trolleys do more than just help with waste collection. They’re fostering relationships between “trolleypreneurs” and local residents. Various community associations have hopped on board to assist with distribution, strengthening ties and boosting mutual respect.

Milestones & Locations

And just how many trolleys have hit the road? A whopping 100! These life-changing contraptions are cruising around various areas including Fontainebleau, Malanshof, Windsor, Edenvale, Bryanston, Soweto, Zandspruit, Linden, and Pretoria.


Doorway to Dignity’s Trolley Project is revolutionizing the way we think about waste management, one trolley at a time. It’s a testament to how small gestures can create ripples of positive change in communities.

Ready to be a catalyst for change? Become a Hero today and help us keep the wheels turning on this groundbreaking initiative!



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